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 Jan1:  -tie-    rolled over
 Jan2:  -tie-    rolled over
 Jan3:  -tie-    rolled over
 Jan4:  bettysue
 Jan5:  bettysue
 Jan6:  -tie-    rolled over
 Jan7:  alphabunny
 Jan8:  -tie-    rolled over
 Jan9:  -tie-    rolled over
 Jan10:  bettysue
 Jan11:  harvey
 Jan12:  -tie-    rolled over
 Jan13:  -tie-    rolled over
 Jan14:  brooklynnx4x
 Jan15:  bettysue
 Jan16:  bettysue
 Jan17:  bettysue
 Jan18:  Amelcorn
 Jan19:  bettysue
 Jan20:  -tie-    rolled over
 Jan21:  Shad
 Jan22:  -tie-    rolled over
 Jan23:  bettysue
 Jan24:  bettysue
 Jan25:  bettysue
 Jan26:  stareyedfrog
 Jan27:  stareyedfrog
 Jan28:  bettysue
 Jan29:  bettysue
 Jan30:  ?
 Jan31:  ?
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